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Short Takes

From the dep’t of “cute or terrifying“…

God, British television is so much better than American television.

Myfanwy Collins on shopping carts. Yes, really.

File under “People to whom I wish I were related”.

“Just as a Broadway musical needs to have a certain number of big dance numbers, a nasty review better have some great jokes and killer insights.”

The importance of hyper-patient-specific medicine; as Tennessee Williams knew, it’s all about Me. Sometimes, at least.

The Alexander Litvinenko book arrived faster than I thought it would.

Newspapers: you aren’t alone (via Frank).

“It was more than two centuries ago that Immanuel Kant brought idealism to respectability.” –oh please. What was Berkeley, chopped liver? (Another review of Frayn here–the reviewer disagrees with him but finds him delightful. Clearly I need to read this book.)

I would argue that, in addition, it might be difficult to take a book named after a Rolling Stones song very seriously.

And because Complicity was one of my favorite books as a teenager…

There’s more to Pythagoras than his theorem, you know.

“Becoming Jane concentrates on a small patch of Jane Austen’s existence: the time when she was 21 and fell in love with a dazzling stranger, Tom Lefroy, a trainee lawyer from Ireland.”