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Short Takes

As my friends and exes can tell you, this is the mouse for me.

For those of you who want to catch movies this weekend–here are some new releases.

I think this is supposed to be sarcasm but it doesn’t quite take, mostly because Simone’s whole career was about, you know, being a feminist, and the first thing Sarvas things of to label her achievements is putting up with Sartre. Maybe it will be funny, one day, when women are equal, but given the amount of devotion in the media to her relationship with him and not with, oh I don’t know, her work, it leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

And speaking of letting your relationships define you… A sex cult for Jesus.

Book designer writes novel; design is attractive.

As Dave Marcus pointed out to me once, the reason everyone criticizes the NYTBR is because all of us hold it in such high esteem. As a weekly, it’s almost impossible to live up to the standards we all have set for it in our heads, because we’re more inclined to remember the prescient hits than the embarrassing misses. The criticism is a backhanded compliment, I think.

Are you a repressed romance fan? I wish. It would be a cheaper habit to feed, that’s for sure.

“My name is Dieter. But you can call me DTs, as these are the symptoms you will manifest if you continue much further with this book.”

This is a little bit of a cheap shot–it assumes relativists haven’t entirely thought through their system of thought and aren’t, say, Richard Rorty–but it covers some of the less sophisticated arguments against relativism pretty well (and for the more sophisticated responses to relativism, I’d like to refer you to Plato, who pretty much pointed it out for the junk it was way back when). (via Books Inq)

Sweet and gentle, ha! We all know what happens to the sweet, gentle professor.

“Perhaps, in his centenary year, another Auden masterpiece deserves an honoured place in public life.”