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Short takes

The Washington Post laments the plight of the Canadian novelist:

Most Americans probably think Michael Ondaatje is British (try selling “The Canadian Patient”); although Douglas Coupland lives in Vancouver, he says he’s often introduced at book events as German. Meanwhile, Canadian treasures such as Guy Vanderhaeghe, Frances Itani and Alistair MacLeod garner so little attention here that they’d be lucky to get arrested. And the most shameful American blind spot of all may be for David Adams Richards, who keeps piling up awards in Toronto but can’t find a stable publisher in New York.

Please don’t accost Elie Wiesel. The man’s been through enough already.

Michael Cunningham has a fun interview with The Guardian. He has great taste in bookstores, too.

Be careful what your name is before you run for president.

GalleyCat has plenty to say about Maureen Dowd’s chick lit critique. LitKicks remembers chick lit of the ’70s.

It’s cold season in the world of fiction. (via Bookninja)

Notable quotations aren’t what you think they are. (via The Elegant Variation)

In Ohio, we can tan while our laundry dries. Apparently New Yorkers have another idea.

Gerry Adams wants favorable reviews before he releases his third volume of memoirs. (via The Elegant Variation)

Lying authors: “They’re everywhere! Everywhere, I tells ya! If you can’t trust a Slate article on fishing for monkeys in the Florida keys, what can you trust?!”

Die, Harry Potter, Die. Potter mania is endless.

ESPN has moved into the book world. If you want to be a politician, get a TV show. If you want to be an author, excel in a sport and go pro.

They say if you want something done right, you ought to do it yourself. The U.K. disagrees.

Dzanc Books has announced its two upcoming books, Yannick Murphy’s In a Bear’s Eye and eter Markus’s Bob, or Man on Boat. Markus’s first collection was “like watching Raymond Roussel and Flannery O’Connor show up to the barn dance wearing hip waders and despite this still managing to outwhirl the best of them.” Whatever that means.