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Short Takes

Even as his lab closes, the ESP researcher won’t admit he may have been betting on the wrong horse.

“There is an important book yet to be written on our species – a definitive history of the nerds.”

Plagiarism: not just literature’s headache.

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman in pursuit of a literary career will never find happiness with a husband, particularly if she writes about love. Consider the list.”

As of yesterday, you have been judged. Those Kenyon undergraduates and alumni who had the fortune of taking a class with Perry Lentz will be pleased to know they are probably the whole reason that Day of Doom is still in print (via Books, Inq).

Klimt: a hippie before being a hippie was cool.

As far as recovering from heartbreak goes, I’d like to recommend Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked and an entire season of The X-Files. But that bourbon thing doesn’t sound like a bad idea, either.

David Mamet loves Hollywood. Is anyone else confused?

HarperCollins clarifies a thing or two about BlogHer. I still think BlogHer is a lame idea. Explain to me again why women can’t be bloggers and have to be women bloggers (also, while you’re at it: why we’re women authors instead of authors)? That we have to modify “blogger” with “women” (ditto “author”) implies that bloggers (and authors) are not women, and, in addition to being mildly sexist, that is just not the case.

“‘Roman Fever’ is one of the greatest American short stories, and yet by the 1930s the historical process it defines had made Wharton into its victim, and she had slipped from critical though not from popular favour.”