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Short Takes

I know Maud says she’s staying out of it, but I’m upset. Part of the point of a library is to give people not what they want but what they didn’t know they needed. A computer can no more tell what that is than a rat can. The Lit Saloon has their take here.

We get a little love from the EWN (thanks, Dan!). Be sure to check out the other lit journals he mentions. To borrow one of David Lynn’s favorite observations, some great poetry is being written these days–it just happens to be for a smaller audience. Lit journals are a great way to find it.

It’s 2007. Have you made your writing resolutions yet?

Brit Lit Blogs gets a makeover.

I’m voting for “lording” (last note), but this is really a case for Language Log.

“Bound to attract attention is The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters (Penguin, Jan), an ornate fantasy written by an American unknown, G W Dahlquist. A 750-page behemoth, it concerns an evil conspiracy in mind-control, set in a painstakingly detailed alternative Victorian universe. The author has a bit of a kink for vulnerable maidenhood, judging by the indignities heaped on the intrepid heroine, Miss Temple, who wears little but a shift and open-crotch knickers for much of the narrative. This sprawling saga, originally available in a limited edition of ten separately published installments, is weird, fetishistic and uncategorisable, though it does seem to owe quite a bit to the imagination of Alan Moore.”

War is already big in 2007.

Maxine gives us the State of the Blogosphere. (via Books Inq)

And also–Happy New Year!