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Short Takes

“In this age of celebrity, we know more about TomKat’s wedding than our parents’ and more tweens would rather have lunch with Jennifer Lopez than with Jesus.”

God, is anyone else sick of hearing about these so-called “real men”?

Best sentence I have read in a review in a long time: “More often he confuses the appropriate with the appropriated.” Zing.

More Hunter S, for those of you who just can’t get enough.

I smell a feud brewing. Too bad one of the fighters is dead.

“‘I hate publishing!’ Alfred Tennyson complained as he assembled his poems for London publication in 1842.”

You know I love you, Armavirumque, but this is a totally MLA-worthy pun title.

“No era in London’s history witnessed quite such dramatic developments as the 19th century.”

I want to see Mafioso.