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Short Takes

Don’t leave books around ethics students (Thanks, Tyler!).

Dinesh D’Sousa identifies Martha Nussbaum, the bad girl of Aristotelianism, as one of America’s enemies, probably because he doesn’t like the hemlines on her skirts.

Facial hair is soooo 2007.

“New Yorkers, open your diaries. Everyone else, your wrists.”
“I’ve always admired how the blogger(s) over at the Literary Saloon manage to maintain an even-tempered voice regardless of how ridiculous the literary world becomes.”

The Almighty Oprah has made a new selection. Peons find out what it is January 26.

“I am being filmed for a website called Meet the Author, and I have 90 seconds to describe my book.”

Ayn Rand? Really, Amazon?

Being back here is so book, guys. Special thanks to the gorgeous and talented Miss Kirsten Reach for letting me take a little vacation.