January 19, 2007KR BlogUncategorized

Short takes

Eskimos have no more words for snow than anybody else. (via Language Log)

Thomas Hardy wrote love letters to his wife when he was seventy-two, though he seems most fond of someone she was not. (via Bookslut)

Harold Pinter is doing well; the Nobel laureate has been awarded the Legion d’Honneur. (via BookNinja)

Jean-Noel Jeanneney wants a European government-funded online library instead of Google Books. If:Book reports on the Google publishing conference at the New York Library.

Library visits are up in Britain.

People seem to prefer reading the newspaper online. Wonder what they use for paper-mache projects and the bottom of their bird cages.

New York is opening another five bookstores. (via Chekhov’s Mistress)

Borders appointed new top executives. Maureen O’Connell is Scholastic’s new CFO.

While online wishlists might be an easy way to expand public libraries, the idea of competition between librarians makes me uneasy. Then again, what’s so pure about a librarian?