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Short takes

The 10 Most Expensive Books of 2006 are beautiful, but you might want to stick with Rand McNally.

The ebook will feature “touch-screen hardware” and some serious page-turning action, but will we be able to lose ourselves in used ebook stores fifty years down the line?

How much do prizes really count? Winning the Nobel might add two years to your life span, but so would controlling air pollution. And regular exercise adds three years. (“Prizes” article via The Literary Saloon)

Kiran Desai reminds us that writing novels is tough work. (via The Elegant Variation)

Neal Stephenson’s Diamond Age aims to take the Battlestar Galactica route.

GalleyCat reports on the $1.1 O.J. Simpson book deal. It might be summed up best as a musical, but not even Sondheim could make If I Did It sound more ridiculous.