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Short takes

After all of that blather about meaningless prizes, here’s an uplifting one: Heaney won the TS Eliot Award.

The Reading Experience debates the greatness of airport books.

For the NEA: ideas to get 18-24 year olds reading. Though (surprise!) some 18-24 year olds actually use the internet to, you know, read.

Everybody loved reading about plagiarism in 2006; if you’re interested in Thomas Harris’s Hannibal Rising, the twist in this report is that the supposedly stolen material was written by Harris’s fans. May there be fewer Frey articles in 2007.

Bidding on E-bay for William Strunk Jr.’s original “little book,” I discovered The Elements of Style online. It’s a nice reference to have if you’re caught in an unanticipated grammatical disaster without a even a paperback copy to save you, or if you find yourself arguing over punctuation marks inside quotation marks at a wild party.