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Short takes

Brian Boyd encourages the literary world to evolve in this long but thoughtful essay.

After yesterday’s Costa Awards, The Guardian sings John Haynes’s praises. Just as The Independent sings William Boyd’s. May we all be fortunate enough to write something “unputdownable.”

American Idol “for thinking people“?

Richard Powers: “Writing is the act of accepting the huge shortfall between the story in the mind and what hits the page.”

For anyone who has thought, “Hey. That book would make a great movie.”

Cringe searches for those willing to share adolescent poetry and other scribblings. (via Litkicks)

While we’re on the subject of poetry never meant to be shared, Ted Hughes (headlining as “Plath’s husband”) wrote a few love letters to his mistress that have just found a home in Emory University.

If only every literary feud ended happily with a prologue.

“Shelf Portrait: installation art with unbelievable party favors.