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Short Takes

We’re not the only ones going online. And thank goodness. I always hated it when writers didn’t include an SASE.

“Everyone seems to adore Alexis de Tocqueville these days.”

Bookies are betting Harry dies.

How much of an English-nerd smarty pants are you?

“Although there were many things that bothered me about the Presbyterian Church in which I was raised, the final straw was the minister’s use of denominal verbs. Specifically, he would say things like, ‘we shall fellowship together.’ I found it so offensive that I became an Episcopalian as soon as I arrived at university.”

Listen to “The Plague of Doves” by Louise Erdrich.

“We know instinctively what we want from fiction, just as an animal knows when it needs salt, or water, and we seek it out.” (via Philly Inq)

For future reference: there is, in fact, a precise definition of a “White Christmas.”

“It is very difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.”