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Short Takes

“Jim Lehrer of The News Hour with Jim Lehrer has written a novel. Why?”

I don’t care what brand names The American Heritage Dictionary has on their usage panel. OED ??ber alles!

2007 in publishing.

“Byron was the best-paid author of his time – he received nearly ?20,000 from Murray over their nine years of association, a fabulous sum at the time. By contrast, Jane Austen was offered a meagre ?450 for Emma, Mansfield Park and Sense and Sensibility – she turned it down, but never earned enough from her writing to support herself.”

William James–incorrigible rake?

China is set to publish its first legal Agatha Christie books. Yes, you read that right.

Apparently what one wants in a coffee table book is much like what I want in men

“If big cities are about desires, meetings and commodities, they are no less about desolation, absence and lack.”

I’m creative, not messy.

Fin de si??cle Budapest is the new fin de si??cle Vienna.

The bad news isn’t over for Judith Regan: she’ll be taking a kicking in fiction as well.