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Short Takes

Rest in peace, James Brown. The world just got a lot less funky. (For the uninitiated: USA Today lists his best–it’s a good start).

“What ‘poetry as a living counterforce in sociopolitical reality‘ means is anyone’s guess.”

Hidden delights of 2006.

“Like many books about the state of contemporary fiction, The Novel Now takes its cue from a symposium on that enticing subject which appeared in the final number of a highly obscure literary magazine, The New Review, back in 1978.”

Beatlemania continues unabated over forty years after the first wave of the British Invasion and the deaths of half the band.

New Joseph Heller story, courtesy of The Paris Review.

It’s almost over.

“Suffering is really physical and it is hard to do by the pool.”

Well done, Ed.

Lit Kicks sponsors 2771 poems (a new one with each click).

Letterhead no longer essential.

Attention, princesses: the next time you consider kissing a frog, keep in mind that frogs are notorious liars.