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Short Takes

Donald Hall doesn’t know what being the Poet Laureate means, either.

You know, I’d not really thought about it before, but typographic style isn’t to be scoffed at (via fade theory).

“I suppose the all-time best all-round angel-painter in art must be Caravaggio, whether he paints the music-making angel who entertains the Holy Family on the Flight into Egypt, or the angel who swoops down from heaven to present St Matthew with the palm of martyrdom.”
This is getting harder and harder to keep up with.

Miss Snark on hooks and hooking–with real hooks!

The benefits of the major book deal (aside from the cash) versus the benefits of the small press: Maud’s take.

Top Ten Smelly Books.

Mathematics: foolproof only if there are no fools involved. (via AL Daily)

Cads and curmudgeons–no fun to hang out with, wonderful to read about.

“‘They think it’s a movie set,” she said, ‘like the ones down the street. They ask, “Is it real, can I come in?”‘”