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Short Takes

This is–what, the third article on Fagles’ Aeneid The New York Times has run this year? Why, yes. Here’s one and two. Though, interestingly, he didn’t make the 10 Best Books list or the 100 Notable Books list…

“These wistful time-echoes are much more stirring than Self’s illustrations of the dangers of fundamentalist faith.”

Who doesn’t love Houdini?

Updates on Reagan-gate, for the gossip-minded: that must have been some phone call.

“Levi was, and Ahmadinejad is, of modest height. They might have been forced to look into each other’s eyes.”

Where to begin reading Richard Ford.

And in the interest of fairness, Colson Whitehead’s blog. Wish he updated more often (and Colson, if you’re reading this and want to let us know where to begin reading you, drop me a line).

Slate‘s sleeper hits of 2006.

Salon‘s favorite books of 2006.

“Graham Laidler, the cartoonist Pont, made a famous series of drawings for Punch in the 1930s under the heading The English Character. They bore such captions as: Love of Fresh Air, Inability to Learn Foreign Languages, Hatred of Throwing Things Away, Inability to Make Conversation.”

This is probably not news to most of you, but “solid, mid-list writers” can’t feed their children by being solid, mid-list writers.

Who doesn’t love a list of lost classics?

Woodward, Bernstein, and… Redford?

This is an appalling book, absolutely appalling.” And that’s just what the author has to say about it.