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Short Takes

Take that, New York. Serves you right for all the Foers you’ve foisted upon the unsuspecting public.

So my dad and my stepmother went on their first date because of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. I have now located the perfect coffee for them (via Conversational Reading).

About those author escorts… (via TEV).

Science and secrecy do not sit comfortably together.” (via The Chronicle)

This discussion of author acknowledgments has gone horizontal.

Bront?? heaven.

“It was also around this time that I published Dave Pelzer’s A Child Called It, which launched the only genre to rival the celebrity biography for commercial success in recent years–the misery memoir. Why was it so successful? Because it was the kind of book bought by people who don’t usually buy books.” (via The Book Depository)

You must take the A train to go to Sugar Hill way up in Harlem.

“Is there a glass ceiling in graphic design?”

Now you can watch critics talk about writing about writing.

“So are media organizations/the public getting better at exposing plagiarists, or are there in fact more incidents?”

Sympathy for the devil.