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Short Takes

Breaking: Augusten Burroughs not entirely honest (this is news?).

“As is inscribed above The New Criterion’s office door: ‘no good deed goes unpunished.'” I smell a litmag feud brewing.

Ever heard of Edith Halpert?

“You see Hemingway as a big, burly, manly man who’s out shooting animals, but that’s one of his masks. It’s a Hemingway persona. But Hemingway the writer is an incredible craftsman.” (via Maud)

How not to recommend books.

“Any collection of critics that leaves Laura Miller at #3 is woefully shallow.”

Books: good for film.

Speaking of books that are good for film

Literature has its own saints.

Ooh, numbers (via Books Inq).

Movies don’t get to Iowa very quickly.” That’s putting it mildly.