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Short Takes

Further along the block, another incident — this time we happened to encounter a kiss.

So let’s say you’ve got a music dork (ahem) on your Christmas list and you don’t know what to buy her. Largehearted Boy has compiled the best-of lists so far (and will be updating)–so there should be gift ideas galore.

By insisting that color be seen in its psychological context, Goethe was critiquing the science of Isaac Newton, who saw color in terms of discrete wavelengths of light which the eye passively received.

Also on the subject of light: this is totally awesome.

How to write a cover letter with a great hook (via

Whoa, sweet: NYRB classics (via Conversational Reading).

Graham Greene on adapting stories to film: “I think one thing is certain[:] that a short story makes a much better film than a novel.”

A Toronto-born writer now living in Montreal has been named Canada’s new poet laureate.

Aristotle thought that there were five senses, but he also believed that men had more teeth than women. It is not clear why one of these mistakes is still cheerfully passed down.

So here’s our problem: there is no benefit if the works are exclusive to one search provider over another. You, dear consumer, do not know that Microsoft has Book A while Google has Book B whereas Yahoo! has Book C and some other search engine has Books P and Q.

And last but not least…. This totally cracked me up. For those of you who don’t get the joke, an explanation is here. More philosophy warning signs here.