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Short Takes

They’re not bunnies, they’re rabbits (second item).

One man’s tale of book promotion (via Conversational Reading).

Sure, the end result is a nice New York Times piece, but I wonder if Self would want to repeat the experience…

It can be surprisingly hard to form an opinion in the first place, so it’s no surprise that opinions can change.

Intellectual-property law is a highly technical field, as are many of the areas of knowledge production (such as computing or biosciences) to which it applies.

Functional beer is another emerging product identified by Datamonitor, with beer manufacturers trying to regain ground lost to increasingly popular wine by launching new products with health benefits. These include vitamin beers, such as Stampede Light, which contains B-vitamins, folic acid and folate, as well as Germany’s Karlesberg (via Effect Measure).

He’s titled his new book Ooga-Booga, something any number of writers must have been dying to do for years, and it is both brilliant and deeply weird.


Seriously, is it possible not to love noir?

Mmm, Sense and Sensibilia really gets my motor running.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not bothered about the subject matter; consenting adults can do what they like. What astonishes me is that these three books feature in the top 100.

Has any other book contrived to cram quite so much ??? Greeks and Persians, Romans and Byzantines, Crusaders and Ottomans, Holy Romans and the Papacy, Mamelukes and the Reconquista, the rise of maritime England and Holland, Greek independence and the Napoleonic Wars, the Balkan Wars and the Great War and plenty more besides ??? into some 600 pages?

Yes, that is Morgan Freeman. Readin’ stuff is out of sight! (Thanks, Ted!)