December 11, 2006KR BlogUncategorized

A Note on Format

In the past, Short Takes have taken the Arts and Letters Daily approach of pulling a sentence or two (or paraphrasing a sentence or two) from the source linked. As the person digesting these news features, I figured what was good enough citation for The Chronicle of Higher Education (AL Daily’s owner) was good enough for us.

Apparently this style has concerned some of our readers, and for this reason, I will now be adopting quotations around everything pulled from an original source, and block quotes for longer chunks. I apologize for the stylistic unwieldiness, but in this day and age, I’d rather not be the subject of a plagiarism witch hunt. I would not have even bothered to write this little note, except that I would not wish for it to seem in retrospect, after the adoption of quotations, that I believed anything pulled from an original source was mine.