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Short Takes

Past research has reported that females use exclamation points more frequently than do males.

???I’m not just inspired by black art’, says Mos Def, ???but good art, representations of art that are sincere and genuine.’

The US publisher John Wiley has agreed to pay 572m GBP to acquire Oxford-based Blackwell Publishing.

Gotta have the funk (via Booksquare).

The first thing that a reviewer has to say about Mutants, in all fairness to the reader, is that you need a strong stomach to read the book, and an even stronger one to contemplate the many illustrations.

The perils of blogging, part infinity.

This is, you realize, only the beginning of many such lists, appearing pretty much everywhere–just in time for holiday buying season.

The prose of EB White, as manifested in his letters, lopes along sensibly and informatively, like many other people’s, until it delivers an unexpected poetic punch. (via fade theory)

Look, I’m sorry I’m late, Jim.