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Short Takes

John Freeman: still looks like Nick Lachey.

Miss Moneypenny is currently in the process of publishing her diaries.

The idea started more than 20 years ago when antiquarian booksellers were encouraged to display their ???Dud Books of All Time’ at a book fair in York.

Dawkins is a decent writer and he has some good ideas, but logic is obviously not his strong point.

You know, Faulkner writing vampires kind of makes sense once you pick your jaw up off the floor.

Characters, like people, do not appear out of nowhere.

For centuries both women have been reviled as collaborators in Spanish conquests of the new world that verged on genocide. La Malinche was an Aztec turncoat who helped Hern??n Cort??s conquer Mexico; In??s Su??rez was a Spanish seamstress who joined another conquistador, Pedro de Valdivia, in slaughtering the inhabitants of Chile.

“Scientists tend to avoid the terrifying word ‘science'”. A real interest in science implies curiosity about specifics. But, as Holub points out, “it is a lot easier to chat about something so… personal as poetry. I utterly dislike this sort of intellectual chatter.”

What is it we mean when we say Pride and Prejudice ??? the hugely successful Keira Knightley movie, or the 1813 classic novel by Jane Austen?