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Short Takes

RIP William Styron; The Elegant Variation has an assortment of Styron-related links.

At first glance, The Sunset Limited, one of Cormac McCarthy’s unfortunately rare forays into theater, appears to be a departure for this eminent writer, since it takes place in a cramped Manhattan tenement, a far cry from the sweeping outdoor vistas he portrays in books like All the Pretty Horses or The Crossing. (via Syntax of Things)

Now, is a writer required to include tension in the very first line of a novel of thousands of sentences and tens of thousands of words? If you can, why not?

Just this week, near the end of 2006, a mere dozen or so years after the dawn of the Age of Amazon, the industry has“wait for it“announced the release of a new digital book standard.

Written by dreadful parents for other dreadful parents, it is a handy primer on labeling your children, favoring the one who doesn’t ask the difficult questions, and rejecting the ones who would think for themselves.

10 books to make you curious.

So intense is the fury that Desai’s aunt, a doctor with a practice in the market, told India’s Outlook magazine that she has not “told people here about my niece, or the book, or that she won an award. The book contains many insensitive things.

Most customers at the Anthropologie store in SoHo come for the delicately woven knits and the ultrafeminine floral dresses. But these days at least some are coming for the books.