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Absence Makes the Writing Grow Fonder

As a bright November morning morphed into a hailing, freezing, wintery afternoon, I was reminded of a bit from “California,” a light-hearted essay by Jess Lacher, which describes Ohio weather as “your tempermental husband and you hardly know one day to the next if he’s going to love you right or insult your casserole and try to kill you in an electrical storm.”

Last night I joined a group of MFA students from OSU, most of whom were decked out in autumnal sweaters and clutching pumpkin-flavored coffees, for a Halloween reading from Twentysomething Essays by Twentysomething Writers. It featured Jess Lacher and Kyle Minor, reading selections from their nonfiction essays. There are dozens of contests out there like this one – we list many on this very blog – but I was particularly fond of Lacher’s piece. It’s nice to see Ohio writers praised as up-and-coming.

According to Random House, what’s the one theme that unites all twenty-something writers? Procrastination.