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Short Takes

Worst magazine covers of all time–not exhaustive (via fade theory). In a similar vein, the worst music of all time (similarly not exhaustive).
Ralph Steadman’s memoir of Hunter Thompson, The Joke’s Over, records neither his own, nor Thompson’s life, in lurid detail, but rather the wildly erratic tempo of their bruising friendship.

Language nerds take note: a short list of fun words.

Read the Beatles is particularly noteworthy because it makes available, in their entirety, reprints of a few canonical bits of Beatle lore, including Maureen Cleave’s infamous “We’re more popular that Jesus” profile of John Lennon (which drips with distaste for its subject), and William Mann’s legendary acknowledgement of Aeolian cadences in early Beatles tunes.

Amy Newman takes on poems about pictures for The Guardian.

Oh dear sweet Jesus, he’s written another one–and this time he’s trying for The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas.

Booksquare on embargo dates: they are ridiculous.