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Short Takes

The Washington Post likes the new Paris Review. Conversational Reading begs to differ.

Second Base in the Rye: Holden Caulfield goes on a quest to finally “get some” his senior year of high school in this no-holds-barred comedy from the writers that brought you House Party 3, American Pie: Band Camp, and Anaconda(s) (Via Grumpy Old Bookman).

I came away with a sense of exactly which publishing companies will be around in years to come, and which ones will fail without knowing what hit them.

Where each writer creates is as idiosyncratic as that writer’s voice, as unique as his phrasing, as unusual as her lyricism.

Recently acquitted of “insult to Turkishness,” Elif Shafak considers Orhan Pamuk.

Sylvia Plath killed herself. So did Ted Hughes’ mistress, the one no one ever hears about.

If Europe’s cultural homeland lies in its classic texts, those works offer not a sacred scripture, but an open source.