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Short Takes

Langauge Log on the legal regulation of political language.

Everything you need to know about writing successfully, courtesy Stephen King.

Encyclopedia Brown for district attorney! (via LitKicks)

A pithy take on Anna Politkovskaya’s murder.

Graphic memoirs pulled from shelves. Tom Jefferson spins in his grave.

The Open Curtain might be thought of as Big Love, without the love. It explores what it’s like to be raised in a rigid religious structure, investigating what happens to a late 20th century Mormon loner when he becomes obsessed with an early 20th century murder. Largeheated Boy has the soundtrack.

“It was like someone had videoed us making love. It felt almost as intimate. [Writing] comes from the subconscious and that makes you feel exposed.”

In honor of my brothers and sister, devoted readers of Lemony Snicket: The last book in the series has been published and reviewed by The NY Times.

With few exceptions, Auster’s novels take as their climax the protagonist’s finally managing to write a book, with the conceit (charming only the first time this trick is experienced) that the character/narrator is revealed to be the writer of the very book that the reader is just finishing.