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Short Takes

The Brits respond to the American “Best Novels” list.

The self-loathing Jew is a particular anathema to Mamet, and he battles the apostasy of those who for whatever reason have renounced their Judaism (via Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind).

“Now, having lived through the Fifties, and looking at Dublin as it is now I sometimes think: ‘Christ! Bring back the Church. Bring back frightening people…‘” he chuckles mischievously, “because we thought, in the Sixties, that freedom was indisputably a good thing. What we didn’t realise, because we were young, was that the biggest burden you can give people is freedom….”

“The industry remains healthy because its readers are passionate about romance,” said Kathy Baker, a romance expert for WaldenBooks. “They come to our stores and don’t leave without buying three or four romances by the authors they’re unfailingly loyal to.”

What not to do when contacting agents.

“First of all, Chris is Chris to me. Augusten Burroughs is a fiction to me,” says Robison, Burrough’s mother.

A novel about Capgras Syndrome? Sweet!

In Hitler’s first radio address after becoming chancellor, Stern noted, he declared that the Nazis regarded “Christianity as the foundation of our national morality and the family as the basis of national life.” (First chapter here)