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Short Takes

Dems make higher education a campaign issue (subscription required). The highlight:

Representative Pelosi, who is likely to become speaker of the House if the Democrats prevail in November, criticized Republicans for what she described as this year’s $12-billion cut in federal student aid and for an increase in interest rates on college loans. She said that the Democrats’ plan, called “A New Direction for America,” would work to reverse those financial strains on college students and their parents.

Harlequin will be cutting its staff; apparently they are having a hard time moving their romance novels due to their “Cowboy/Baby/Bride” formula?

Is poetry still relevant, the BBC asks. (Conclusion: Yes, it’s relevant, but badly taught)

Banned Book Week is over; let the banning begin!

That the work of H.P. Lovecraft has been selected for the Library of America would have surprised Edmund Wilson, whose idea the Library was. In a 1945 review he dismissed Lovecraft’s stories as “hackwork,” with a sneer at the magazines for which they were written, Weird Tales and Amazing Stories, “where…they ought to have been left.”

When The New York Times breaks an embargo, Critical Mass has decided, it must be because of their crack team of interns.


A review of that new Frost thing (via Maud Newton).