October 10, 2006KR Blog

Prizes and lucky guesses

As Liz’s Short Takes reminded us it would, suspense about the Man Booker Prize came to a close with this evening’s announcement that Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss has won the 2006 prize.

I had high hopes for getting through at least half the list, but (alas) life intervened, as they say; if only I had a daily subway ride… I did finish Desai’s novel over the weekend, which means that at least I managed to read the winner. But I’ll admit that the announcement surprised me–proving once again, as if we needed more proof, that critical judgment and literary taste can differ vastly from person to person. And for an inveterate Booker reader, lucking into the winner is a substantially reduced version of the pleasures of being able to make an educated prediction.