October 12, 2006KR BlogUncategorized

Become a KR Blog Subscriber

It’s free, and you’ll never miss an update! We’ve added an RSS feed from Feedburner along the side, and there’s also a raw feed at the bottom of the page.

If you’re not familiar with RSS, the crash-course is under the jump…

RSS is an easy way to receive updates on the content of your favorite blogs. Unlike email subscriptions, you don’t have to worry about anyone giving your information away, which means no spam, and you don’t have to send an email anywhere to unsubscribe–just delete the feed.

When you subscribe to a feed, you receive content automatically in your feed reader. If you’re using a personalized homepage (My Yahoo, for example), you may already have it. If, like me, you use the Firefox browser, you can use your “live bookmarks” option to receive feeds. If neither of these things is the case, Bloglines is easy to use and free.

If you’ve decided you want to subscribe, you can either click here or click on the “Our RSS feed” link under “Contacts” in the sidebar. This will take you to a page that shows options for readers. Click on the one you want, and you’re golden–you’ll receive updates every time we add content.

I’d like to thank Copyblogger for a helping hand with this RSS mini-tutorial. Good luck and happy feeding!