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Short Takes

When Albom came to the Detroit Free Press in 1985, at age 27, he was already deeply felt. In his inaugural column, he declared he would examine “a side of the sports leaf that rarely gets turned over, the human side.” For those of us who spend our mornings with our nose buried in the sports page, this was a dire warning. (via Bookslut)

A Yom Kippur-themed excerpt from Oxford University Press.

In recent weeks, they have been sniffing around the story of Natascha Kampusch, free after eight years of Viennese captivity. “Completely fascinating, extraordinary,” croaked one literary ghoul; “the biggest misery memoir there’s going to be,” drooled another. Her PR agent said that “From a purely capitalist point of view, this woman is a goldmine.”

Go ahead, try to justify your Peter Pan sequel.

The apocalypse: so hot (via AL Daily).