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Short Takes

Ok, I know everyone’s over Snakes on a Plane, but how about Serpentes on a Shippe?

My major conclusion at that point in my development was therefore that, if I wished to succeed as a ‘creative writer’, I had better (a) learn as much as I could about emotion, and (b) learn as much as I could about how to create emotion in readers or drama audiences.

When Grass saw Willy Brandt (for whom he had campaigned) as Federal Chancellor in 1970 kneel in atonement at the memorial to the Warsaw Ghetto, there is no doubt that he knew what real moral authority was, and where it came from; and that he knew he could never claim anything quite like that himself.

To be honest, if I were Pynchon, I wouldn’t say a damned thing about it either. Maud’s got a word or two on Pynchon’s behalf, though.

Blender’s Top Music Books on

Don’t go to class stoned–especially if you’re the professor.

Would someone please tell The New Yorker that putting an accent on the “e” in elite when writing about the “ossified” class system has crossed the line into self-parody? Furthermore, “alumni and alumnae” is begging for someone to send in the Squad Squad–“alumni” is plural both for a group of men, and for a group of men and women.

John Updike on how to boil an egg.

I am a lie who always speaks the truth,” said Jean Cocteau, speaking of the writer’s craft.