September 13, 2006KR BlogUncategorized

Short Takes

It’s here: Amazon’s e-reader. Call me crazy, but I don’t feel inspired to carry one of these outside with me on a picnic blanket for a peaceful afternoon.

Perhaps I had ought to be more willing to embrace literature in technology: The National Library of Scotland is archiving the e-mails of writers such as J.K. Rowling, Ian Rankin, and Alasdair Gray. Somebody had better start archiving these correspondences before our inboxes automatically delete them.

Happy Roald Dahl Day, everyone!

Speaking of honoring authors, Agatha Christie’s life and writing were celebrated with an auction, which raised ?300,000.

The Giller List has been announced.

What makes women happy? The New York Times says it’s not “flowers, hugs, kisses, and getting things half-price.” The Times also provides us with a baby encounter. Hint: they’re not talking about Baby Suri. Well, maybe a little.