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Weekend Roundup

Language Log takes apart sex-linked lexical budgets; turns out they’re totally unsubstantiated. Also on Language Log: who died and made you king?

Penguin Classics has collected 100 “perfect” books. The Times Online plays favorites. (via Bookslut) Arma Virumque is miffed about the whole business, possibly because they have forgotten how inherently silly lists are. Speaking of silly lists (also via Bookslut): The Top Ten Psychedelic Non-Fiction Books–remember of course that a psychedelic top ten will naturally go up to eleven.

Their profession was not about to become obsolete, MacArthur told the cadets. “Always in our ears ring the ominous words of Plato, that wisest of all philosophers, ‘Only the dead have seen the end of war.'” (via Arts and Letters Daily)

Also on AL Daily: Paul Val??ry wrote, “No true hatred is possible except toward those one has loved.

A particularly lovely image on Chromasia.

Authors, you have a new skill to perfect: PR. (via Booksquare)

Also in the hard times for authors category (and also via Booksquare): A young Tibetan writer secretly sentenced to jail for ten years over a book no one ever saw.

The Elegant Variation lists (a bit snottily) the books James Wood has written about approvingly. And because he is a favorite critic of mine, a little blast from the past: the original article on hysterical realism (2001).

Relatedly, The Village Voice finds Claire Messud’s The Emperor’s Childrena hypnotic, moving read.”