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Short Takes

James Wood on Houellebecq–unfortunately, subscribers of The New Republic only (via Conversational Reading).

Breakthrough on AIDS too late for Foucault, sadly.

Ladies, what you look like matters when you’re an author–cue the pineapple and fish diet . Men are curiously exempt (via Galleycat).

Also via Galleycat: what to do with galleys you won’t be reviewing (we generally give ours away to the interns and student associates, for those of you who are curious).

Leonard Sax: Separate but equal education for boys and girls because girls allegedy hear differently. Language Log takes a look–a detailed one.

Splinters’ take on the new Bukowski movie.

Litkicks wants to know what you’re reading.

The Columbia Journalism Review online wonders why there isn’t more of a media frenzy about Fox’s kidnapped journalists. Even Fox isn’t reporting on it much (perhaps to keep things low-key while they negotiate the journalists’ release?).