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Short Takes

The Washington Post: The Kids Are Not All Right. As a member of the generation being indicted here, it’s news to me (thanks, John!).

Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t begin with my generation. The New Yorker intimates that Bush has more in common with the typical illiterate freshman than he’d like to admit.

Nick Hornby has a novel idea (har!): more of us would read if we’d read for fun. The first step? Be honest about your taste in books (via ArtsJournal).

How a character relates to animals says a lot about who he or she is deep down, and helps readers identify with– or hate– that person.

Language Log reminds you that there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.

Raymond Carver in film (via The Syntax of Things).

A Tom Waits-ian image on Chromasia.