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Short Takes

Made short shift, eh? Has the Supreme Court made a typographical error or an eggcorn? Language Log explores.

The New York Sun takes potshots in an open letter to Gunter Grass. (Isn’t it possible, Daniel Johnson, that it had occurred to Grass that he might lie among those SS bodies he criticized Reagan and Kohl for visiting, and he felt if he were lying there, he shouldn’t be dignified in that way? Possible, at least?) Johnson has so much spleen to vent, in fact, that the letter has two parts.

Fortunately, there is, in fact, no such thing as bad publicity (via ArtsJournal).

Irvine Welsh at the Austin Chronicle, more than ten years after Trainspotting (via Bookslut).

Booksellers making life hard for authors now, too. (via Booksquare)

“The big fear, I have come to realise, is not that you get bad reviews. It’s that you get no reviews at all.” (also via Booksquare)

And finally, I believe I misrepresented Stephen Mitchelmore yesterday–here is his reaction. My apologies to him.