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Short Takes

The Ottawa Citizen enumerates lessons learned from Steinbeck. In other news, Hemingway is chick-lit (which means that “the novel seems to be reverting to its origins as a feminine hobby, and hence is in danger of being toppled off its high artistic perch,” because God knows women devalue things by their presence. Sexism isn’t just alive and well at Forbes); it remains to be seen whether Hemingway will be demoted to “party-girl” status–and whether Homer will join him.

A pretty good excuse to visit Italy (that is, if Jerry Harp didn’t convince you already): three Nobel Prize winners (Dario Fo, Elie Wiesel, Amartya Sen) in Mantua’s Festivaletteratura.

Five hours of Eudora Welty reading and discussing her work discovered, returned to Mississippi (via Booksquare).

How to start a book club.

Children: better at grammar than you think. CNN tries to convince us to read to them (via Syntax of Things). In Britain, teachers attempt to engage the Muslim youth by asking them to write poetry about how they feel–then censoring it.

Also from Syntax of Things: news that will make our copyeditors rejoice!

Out: being rude. In: the golden rule (via Galleycat).

Foucault the neo-humanist? (via AL Daily)