August 25, 2006KR BlogUncategorized

File Under “Magazines To Which I Will Never Subscribe”

Forbes–sexist? Shocking, I know. The piece in question (read it here so as not to jack up Forbes’ traffic ratings–they don’t deserve it) was pulled after major, major outcry and reinstated in a “point-counterpoint” (counterpoint can be found here) format, with the counterpoint added to make the whole thing look less questionable. Not that it works–Slate takes the whole argument apart, although Jack Shafer misses that it is, in fact, backlash journalism:

Forbes has re-published the article, now in handy He-Says/She-Says format, a move which tacitly implies that any criticism of the article must be gendered and not based on the fact that it’s full of crap and Noer’s a total jerk. Shafer, I agree with you on one point: No smart woman needs to bother with a Forbes subscription.

While I believe Michael Noer has a right to say whatever he damn well pleases, I also believe women with any common sense will do their part to make sure the man who believes whores and wives are like “beer and champagne,” respectively (after all, “men buy, women sell”) never gets a date again. (via Gawker and Bookslut)

UPDATE: Fox News blames women for the article; Salon levels the most damning accusation of them all: Noer probably uses Bryl-Cream.